Atelier Landauer GmbH
International Hotel, Wellness and Spa Design and Planning
A-6212 Maurach am Achensee
Tel. 0043 5243 5423 | Mob. 0043 664 34 16 238

Managing director:
Hon. Prof. Landauer Karl
Chungnam National University, devision of achitecture, Korea
The company's headquarter is in A-6212 Maurach am Achensee / Tyrol, Austria.

IPD Malta – International Planning & Design Ltd.
Agate Court,Telghat ix-Xemxijastreet, XEMXIJA, Malta
President: Karl Landauer, Prof. o. Arch. h.c. Chungnam National University / Korea

Atelier Landauer GmbH and IPD Malta are under the same ownership of Prof. Arch. h.c. Karl Landauer and are specialized planning offices and  general contractors for hotels, restaurants, innovative wellness and spa projects, swimming-bath and leisure-time adventure landscapes.

Active in the building of hotel, spa & wellness facilities for more than 20 years. Co-founder of the new thermal sauna and wellness contents in the Alpine region.

Together with its partner companies, Atelier Landauer GmbH and International Planning & Design Ltd. performs hotel planning for new or additional buildings, remodelling, interior design, engineering and general contractor orders for interior design and structural engineering as providers of complete packages within the country and abroad.

Consulting, concept development and planning for hotel, wellness and spa facilities, resorts shopping malls and entertainment centers are major contents of the activities of Atelier Landauer GmbH and IPD Ltd. Malta.

Mr. Karl Landauer is a professional lecturer at international seminars and conferences dealing with hotel and spa planning where he gives specialized reports about functionality and guest-motivation in hotel processes and the wellness and spa sector.

The offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can be networked with any kind of planning offices via the internet.

The offices in Austria and Malta are provided with 15 CAD workstations. Together with the partner firms, there is available a total number of 38 CAD workstations.

Together with its partners, Atelier Landauer GmbH offers business analyses, investment concepts and project management