Karl Landauer





Hon. Prof. Landauer Karl
Chungnam National University / Korea
devision of achitecture

Interview from the architectural magazine "Bauen und Wohnen im Alpenraum"

… he realizes worlds of visual experience. He comes up with solutions that become highlights. With his ideas, he attracts customers from all over the world. He takes part in international competitions and even if he shouldn't win, he won't lose anything.  He - that is Karl Landauer, a Viennese by birth who has his residence and planning offices in Maurach am Achensee / Tyrol / Austria and in Malta.

As anywhere in the world, people get closer while talking. So we talk to each other. His thoughts do somersaults. Which isn't surprising. Everyone who knows him around here or elsewhere knows of his sparkling ideas and their vigorous implementation. In the course of his career, he has made a name for himself as a specialist for hotel planning and the respective interior design that is known far beyond the borders of Austria. The most gigantic project so far was realized in South Korea. The Muju-Resort that was erected at the other end of the world is the biggest holiday resort of the country. The luxury hotel with 400 beds in an Alpine style designed by him, the Welcome Center with a reception hall having a height of 25 m and 22 check-in counters as well as a shopping mall with a shopping and restaurant area of 31,000 m² in the style of an Alpine village façade were both an extraordinary challenge and performance. The overall planning, the entire delivery and installation by Austrian craftsmen was awarded as a block order to Atelier Landauer GmbH.

In July 2002, the largest wellness facility of Europe with an area of 5,600 m² was built at the Interalpenhotel in Telfs / Buchen on the basis of the plans of Atelier Landauer GmbH.

In the international Relax Guide, 4 spa installations designed by Atelier Landauer GmbH are decorated with the highest distinction of 4 lilies (Interalpenhotel Tyrol, Hotel Salzburger Hof, Astoria / Seefeld, Hotel liebes Rotflüh).

Karl Landauer

Now you certainly ask yourself: "What is so special about that Tyrolean atelier?" There are many answers. Karl Landauer gives them himself. He is a curious individual with the gift of being creative and not drowning in "burdens of the past". For three decades, he has quasi studied his "great love" – i.e. hotels, wellness facilities and restaurants. He had a look around on all continents. This resulted in a virtually inexhaustible potential of specialist knowledge extending to all levels of a hotel operation. His philosophies of emotion, motivation and functionality of the construction of hotel and thermal facilities often are the cause why he is invited to give lectures at seminars and conferences. He is able to create the conditions for creative holiday experiences, his professional knowledge guarantees optimum processes both in the guest areas and behind the scenes. He has got the knack for most different types of living creativity just like for functional requirements. Moreover:Owing to his wealth of experience, he has become a very much sought-after planning and realization specialist in the fitness and wellness sector that has become an integral part of leisure facilities. His philosophy of onward thinking has proven successful in concepts realized in the home scenery and world-wide on the basis of competitions he has won. He wants to give us very much when we are on holiday. He knows how to awaken and intensify wishes for wellness. His virtual way of thinking, combined with his knowledge of the optimum functionality of the various operations in front of and behind the scenes of a hotel, form the basis of his designs and plans. His customers are fascinated by his statements on designs and plans; his arguments are clearly defined – guaranteeing the functional processes of a hotel operation on the one hand and creating the ambience for the emotions and feelings of wellness existing in the subconscious mind of the guests on the other hand.

The pioneer of new concepts for sauna and wellness facilities tracks down desires of the guest, thinks his way into the processes of hotel life and triggers secret signals with his creative ideas. He likes to work abroad, takes up challenges and loves the novelty appeal. The co-operation with creative people from other cultural areas promotes the communication of the language of form of architecture and the co-operation with international architects' offices.

One result of his great carrier is to became the “Honorary Professorship of Architecture” honored by the Chungnam National University of  Korea.

"Being professional", says Karl Landauer, "means for me, first, choosing an architect specialized in hotel facilities; second, the commitment of a management consultant for the tourist and hotel industry who thoroughly deals with business-management investment and market analyses; and third, a professional building management.

Karl Landauer's credo: "I am endeavouring to create unique hotels, holiday resorts, mansions and creative wellness facilities at the highest level."